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Why you should hire Clearabee for rubbish removal

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Have you been looking for options to remove rubbish? Well look no further and let Clearabee do the rubbish removal for you. Clearabee offers a rather affordable service compared to all other firms in the country. It’s known to be the most trusted removal and clearance company, serving almost 90 % of the UK population.

It’s a legally licensed rubbish removal company

Clearabee is an upper tier, licensed UK based rubbish removal company which is dedicated to sustainability in practice and methods enforcement. They don’t subcontract any of their man and van clearances. There are satisfying services in that when you book them they make sure they deliver. Recently the Co-op signed a multi-million-pound deal covering the removal services for all of society’s haphazard rubbish.


Clearabee helps you move your rubbish regardless of the quantity of rubbish to be moved, unlike other companies. This is because they value your needs of getting rid of the de-cluttered things that are no longer needed.

Clearabee Expertise

You can inquire about removing rubbish, and they can get you booked for the services the same day. They take all the waste, and 90% of the waste is recycled so that it doesn’t end up being on the landfills.

Bag and sack solutions

They also have other offers inclusive such as the bag and sack solutions which are made for homes and businesses. The rubbish is collected every single working day. The bag and sack solution has an enticing offer of a flat rate for each bag.


Even though the most known moving services is the ‘man and van,‘ Clearabee does not limit their ability to cope with such things as the size of the load. It will also offer advice to clients and help you decide on the size needed.


They have a very efficient and affordable paying system. With most companies charging separate prices for separate services, Clearabee ensures that they price their services in a way that covers both the labor costs and the loading so you should not worry about separate pricing.

Rubbish discard made easier with Clearabee

They are equipped with the modern very large junk trucks, making the process much easier and even faster. Their services not only cover the clearance of junk but also deals with selling of de-cluttered property.

Commercial and business rubbish

This firm offers a wide range of commercial and business rubbish collection service including, on-demand collections, bulky waste, bins, and skips hire all over the UK.


Customer service is a number one priority for Clearabee. Thus extending their services to manageable online services with their portal. The portal is availed to you to access the documents, invoices, and photos 24/7.


Clearabee is a highly reliable firm for, it prioritizes the processes of determines the destination of the discarded items. Its also committed to lowering the ecological footprint as much as possible. The stations where the rubbish is transferred to, its eventually upcycled and also reused. This is a method that extends the durability of the rubbish compared to recycling methods.


In the rubbish removal industry, Clearabee has outdone other firms with the flexibility of its services and also its rates. Due to its participation in rubbish eradication, and ensuring environmental conservation, Clearabee was awarded Co-op a deal which can be termed as the deal of the age.

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