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Tracking Assets the Right Way

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Why Tracking is Important to the Bottom Line

Asset tracking, or asset management, is the practice of tracking company assets to protect them and the investment the company has made in them. Not only do companies track assets, such as inventory and employee hours, but companies like USFleetTracking.com also track vehicles, mileage, and activities performed on the clock.

Tracking provides more control over hundreds or thousands of individual cars, products, and company-owned equipment in real-time. This is important in maintaining the company budget and the bottom line.

Why Tracking is Important for Day-to-Day Operations

Without the proper oversight, company assets can be squandered, misplaced, or stolen, all without the knowledge of company management. With asset tracking, the location and use of physical assets are logged and tracked in real time. Also, employee hours are properly logged, ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal labor laws while making sure that employees are actually on site and working. Asset tracking puts control in the hands of management, human resources, and the book-keeping department, all without having to hire additional man-power to ensure compliance and accuracy.

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Why Tracking is Important to Fleet Management

For products created by a specific company, RFID chips or bar codes can help with tracking. However, with company vehicles and work sites away from the watchful eye of management, GPS tracking is required to maintain control. With GPS, companies are able to maintain an accurate record on mileage, labor costs, fuel costs, and billing, among other daily expenses. Without the benefit of tracking, company resources can be wasted and company vehicles can be misused.

US Fleet Tracking provides multiple benefits for young companies that need to diligently watch their bottom lines or older, larger companies that want to expand without losing control of their bottom line.

The Benefits of Fleet Tracking:

  • Geofencing: the capability to track company vehicles as the enter and leave a specified area.
  • Up-to-the-Minute Reports: real-time reports on vehicle locations, mileage, and traffic or weather.
  • Accurate Time Sheets: employees driving company cars are logged in and out automatically.
  • Asset Control: company cars can never be used for personal employee business.
  • Control Disputes: provide clients with accurate invoices.

US Fleet Tracking

As a web-based GPS provider, USFleetTracking.com provides easy access to live, real-time asset records, locations, and mileage. This means there are no apps to download or to malfunction and no special equipment to buy or replace. Companies simply provide authorized users with a username and password to access a browser that provides all of the important information at a glance.

This information is updated once every ten seconds, providing a true location on important company assets, wherever they may be.




What is Asset Tracking?

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