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Things To Do in Singapore With Family

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Singapore is a melting pot of different cultures and makes for an interesting visit with its natural and architectural marvels. It is perhaps one of the most planned and meticulously designed islands and has an efficient public transport system making it a breeze to explore the place on your own.

Every year, its inflow of tourists is steadily rising as people are beginning to realise the charm of the peaceful island with its many facets. The green spaces are nicely interspersed with the towering structures that make up the city’s iconic skyline. It is particularly a haven for food lovers as it is home to a wide range of cuisines in addition to the local cuisines. If you like to shop, well look no further as it has everything from high-end international brands to quirky, local artisans selling unique art forms. If you are also heading down to Singapore, then make sure you check Delhi to Singapore plane tickets price to get the best fare for your family. With something for everyone, there are a number of places one can go to when taking a vacation with the entire family on board.

  • Gardens by the Bay

This area is straight out of a science fiction novel with its bio-domes, supertrees and structures that dot the entire area. Prepare to be astounded with flower domes and waterfalls and a skyway that gives you a breathtaking view of the South China Sea and the entire island. It has complexes that mirror different climatic conditions of the world, move from Mediterranean to tropical climates at this architectural marvel. They also have themed gardens influenced by Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures in addition to a Children’s Garden with water sports.

  • Singapore Botanic Gardens

The 74-hectare area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was established in 1860. It is home to almost 300 species of vegetation and makes for a visual delight. The National Orchid Garden is a sight to behold with over a thousand species. Home to rare species of flora, the garden attracts many the crowd every day.

  • Night Safari

This one will be a hit among the children for sure and should be on your list. The Safari uses trams to take you past 130 species of animals including leopards, elephants and tigers. There are also walking trails to explore areas where the tramcan not go. There is a special feature for children which is a major crowd puller. The Night Safari will be a thrilling experience, one which you are not likely to forget.

  • Singapore Zoo

Spread over 26 hectares of land and home to over 2,800 animals, the numbers alone are enough to convey the magnitude of this place. The green oasis and has a special feature that lets you enjoy breakfast in the company of orangutans. The zoo is extremely conscious of preserving the natural beauty and has comfortable, expansive enclosures for all its animals. With a dedicated wet area, slides, pony rides and animal shows, the zoo promises to be a great adventure.

  • MacRitchie Reservoir

You should end your fun-filled trip by escaping to this peaceful area perfect for a picnic by the water. It has beautiful walking trails in the rainforest and will help you relax and rejuvenate. There is also a suspension bridge here that makes for an interesting walk 25 meters above the forest. One can even rent kayaks at this place. Providing that much-needed respite from the hustle-bustle of the city, it is the ideal place to spend some quality time with your family.

Singapore is a unique blend of tradition and development, and the culturally vibrant city is both entertaining as it is engaging. Do not wait and check out Delhi to Singapore plane tickets price to book your tickets to this magical island.

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