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The 5 Most Important Steps for Your Deck in the Fall

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If you haven’t gotten the chance to take care of your front or back porch deck, early fall is the perfect time to do deck restoration Maryland homeowners can follow these important steps to get your deck back on track before the temperatures drop.

1. Inspect for Repairs

Look carefully at your decking to ensure that the hardware is still intact and the deck boards are in good shape. Handrails and stair steps are particularly important for the safety of your guests. If you find any of the stain finish beginning to fade or chip, consider getting a deck restoration Maryland commonly drops average temperatures into the 50’s by October, so it’s better to start restoration sooner than later.

2. Clean Out Gutters and Tubes

Gutter maintenance affects your deck? You bet. Those white tubes along the roof edge and siding of your house are easy to overlook but can wreak havoc on your home when neglected, causing wood rot on your deck among other things. Keeping them clear of debris and blockages will save you a lot of hassle when winter arrives. Gutters are much easier to clean out in warmer temperatures than when they’re frozen.

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3. Clear Nearby Shrubs, Trees and Debris

Large bushes sitting against a deck may look picturesque, but you might want to think twice. Same goes for trees that hang over your porch, too. Trees and shrubs that are too close can weaken the structure of your deck and also invite unwanted bugs and termites. You’ll also want to clear away piles of leaves and other debris in your deck corners that also attract bugs as well as dirt and mold.

4. Prepare Your Deck for Winter

While you’re taking care of your deck in the fall, it’s prudent to think about how you’ll spend your time with it during the winter. Does sitting outside by a heater admiring the outdoors or holiday entertaining on the deck sound appealing? Or does closing off the area sound more practical? Make sure to take the proper steps to winterize your outdoor deck accordingly.

5. Move Potted Plants and Patio Furniture

Not many homeowners think of this simple maintenance step, but it’s true! The simple act of moving your plant pots and furniture each month or so helps prevent stained spots from developing on your deck boards. If stubborn stain spots are discovered while moving furniture, professional deck cleaning services can save you the hassle.

For more tips and ideas about deck restoration Maryland, contact Deck Wizard for more details. Our seasoned team has been keeping decks in top shape for the fall over 75 years.

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