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Is it safe to use Plastic bottles?

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If you are trying to live a healthy life, it is generally advisable to drink more and more of water. But one term and condition that is attached to this advice, which we generally ignore is how are we storing this water. Most of us have this habit of carrying water bottles with us, but there is a risk to health when the bottles are made of certain types of plastics.

There are a different variety of plastics and some are safer than others. The plastic bottles/ containers we use daily are marked by recycling symbols. This symbol helps to identify the plastic and recyclability of the product.

The single-use plastic bottles which we generally get while buying coca cola bottles, bottled water, and nearly every commercialized beverage is known as Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET/PETE and has recycling code 1. This type of plastic becomes harmful when it is exposed to continuous wear and tear and heat for prolonged times and levels of antimony, a toxic chemical, is leached from water bottles. Even though PETE does not contain any BPA’s, but it is best advised that water bottles are not heated or hard detergent abused.

Among the safe plastic, category comes plastics with recycling code 2, 4 and 5. These plastics do not contain any health concerns. They are normally used in bottles, shopping bags, ketchup bottles, syrup bottles, bread bags etc. Bottles with code 2 and 4 are made from polyethylene and 5 is made from polypropylene.

While planning to carry your own bottle, one should always look for these codes. It is suggested to avoid bottles that have the recycling codes of 3 or 7, particularly for children. Instead, opt for the plastic bottles with code 2, 4 or 5. It should also be checked if the bottles are BPA-free or not.

The Polypropylene plastic (PP), code 5, are used in microwavable plastic containers. The microwavable safe means that the plastic will not distort when heated. But is not a healthy practice. Instead, one should choose glass container as an alternative, to heat food and hand wash in place of hard detergent.

We all know that the plastic is not good for the environment but it is not good for us too. We have been using these, thinking that they are not harming us, however harmful plastic exposure can even cause heart diseases or cancer. The best way is to refuse them or re-use them wisely.

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