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Interesting facts about Jungian Psychotherapy

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In my short session with one of the many highly rated Jungian psychotherapists, I asked her how I can afford Jungian psychotherapy. In response, she reminded me that money is usually considered to be a sign of values and of energy in dreams. It reveals to the psychotherapists something critical about whatever is of importance to them – whatever people value in others and in themselves. Money may as well act as a sign of a person’s potential, personal resources and energy. It indicates power and self-esteem; it is quite a strong statement of where individuals’ priorities lie; and it also gives a clear reflection of one’s capacity to achieve whatever they desire in life. Therefore, looking at it from a symbolic perspective, the finances that one devotes for the purposes of addressing psychological matters and welfare is an investment of their life as well as in the realization of their full potential. From this particular point of view, the finances invested in a person’s own psychological healing and development is not in vain.

I did not forget to ask the lady about the distinction that exists between a Jungian analyst and Jungian based psychotherapist. The answer was simple and straight forward. She explained that the concepts that were developed by Charles Jung seem to have gained increasing popularity in the recent past. Majority of practitioners of Jungian psychotherapy have gone through their own Jungian analysis before incorporated their own knowledge, skills and experiences into their psychotherapy business. In most cases, they label themselves as Jungian psychotherapists or psychotherapists with Jungian orientation. It is only an individual who is in possession of a Diploma in Analytical Psychology and has gone through the thorough training session in Jungian analysis from a well-recognized Jungian institution have the capacity of referring to themselves as a Jungian analyst.

Since the practice has proven very beneficial to many people, a substantial number of Jungian institutions across the globe have been established. It is important to take note of the fact that the Jungian training institutions have to get accreditation from the International Association of Analytical Psychology. A diploma in Analytical psychology attained from a Jungian institute, regardless of the time or place, equals a PhD in the philosophy of psychology. As for the cancellation policy used by many Jungian psychotherapists, the lady told me that whenever one decides to book an appointment then become unable to show up, they must offer at least thirty-six hours of notice for cancellation.

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