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How To Deal With A Dead Car Battery While On The Road

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A dead battery is like a nightmare for every car owner. And if it occurs when you are on the way to an important work like a job interview, a business meeting or even a date, your positivity is bound to spoil. Chances are you have gone through such a situation or you will. Therefore it’s time now to think upon how to deal with a dead battery.

Reasons of Battery Death

There are a number of reasons one of which may be true for the death of your battery. These include:

  • Interior lights, headlights, radio and flashers left on when car was not running
  • Use of air conditioner while you are not actually driving
  • Leaving your car unused for prolonged periods of time (for instance when you keep it in storage)
  • Poor battery maintenance (this refers to not cleaning its terminals)
  • General failure of voltage regulator or diode bridge in the alternator (if you don’t know, an alternator charges the battery when the car is running)
  • Cold climate! In low temperatures, your car battery can get frozen

Whom should You Call?

Don’t panic if or when your car battery fails. A set of people and services like flat tyre repair from Roadside Response exist whom you may turn to for help:

1. Family and Friends

If you aren’t fully ready for a dead battery, you may know at least one person who has jumper cables or is available to give you a lift. Sadly, restarting a car battery is not a job of one man; so, you won’t be able to do it alone. You are going to need outside help anyway.

2. Towing Services

Towing services are pretty useful. They can tow your car to a place where the battery can be replaced if it’s really broken or recharged. Towing costs vary based on the service you choose, your location and the towing distance.

Keep in mind that you should always place a list of important phone numbers including that of towing services in your glove box, so that whoever is driving the car can access the proper services needed at a given point.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that the towing service knows the type of vehicle you have. For example, if you have an all-wheel car, ask them to bring a flat-bed to tow it.

It could also save you some headache if you notice how the driver secures your car; for example, fastening the towing chain to the bumper won’t end well. Make sure to call a dependable, eminent towing company to protect your car from any major mishaps.

3. Auto Club

No matter whether you are a good driver or not, joining an auto club can be extremely helpful when you face battery problems. Auto clubs can provide an entire range of services including jump-starting your car on site or towing if your car needs some serious servicing. The membership costs of different auto clubs vary based on the club and level of membership you choose. But before registering with a club, first go through the papers of your car because some cars have their own membership.

4. Roadside Assistance Services

You can find a high quality roadside assistance in Melbourne at Roadside Response. They offer a range of services including the best offer in car battery prices. You even don’t have to take their membership and opt for their services as and when needed, which is the best part of their services.

Choosing one of these options will give you the desired peace of mind!

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