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Get The Smile You Deserve At Labbe Family Orthodontics  

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Having a great smile makes a big difference in your self confidence and how you feel others perceive you. That’s why Labbe Family Orthodontics provides a number of different payment options for patients seeking Crofton orthodontics. That allows them to find space in the budget for themselves or other family members needing our help. We feel everyone should have access to these type of services.

Correcting Your Smile

Our doctors provide thorough examinations and look carefully for any potential structural issues in children. Correcting problems early before their permanent teeth grow in prevents more significant issues from developing later on in life. We treat many adults who never had the chance to address their problems in childhood.

Our teeth can shift position as we grow older. Many adults end up surprised when they see their once-straight teeth appear out of alignment when they smile. This can happen even if you wore braces when you were younger.

Labbe Family Orthodontics make a number of different options for braces available to patients of all ages. That allows us to accommodate their lifestyle and leave them feeling comfortable with their choice.

Braces Options To Choose From

  • Ceramic Braces
  • Clear Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Teen Invisalign

Addressing Issues With Your Jaw

We also help teenagers and adults dealing with more severe structural issues affecting their speech or keeping them from eating properly. Labbe Family Orthodontics can provide you with surgical orthotics designed to improve your current quality of life.

What Surgical Orthotics Involves

Patients with jaw alignment issues or deformities affecting the way they look can consider this option once all adult mouth structures are in place. The entire process takes anywhere from 18 to 24 months.

First Stage

Patients start off wearing braces and coming in periodically for adjustments in anticipation of future surgery.

Second Stage

Doctors perform your orthognathic surgery in a hospital setting which can several hours. You’ll need a couple of weeks to heal before returning to school or work.

Third Stage

You continue wearing braces for several more months after surgery to help your jaws set into their new proper alignment. You’ll continue to heal for another 6-12 months while your doctor makes adjustments to your braces.

Fourth Stage

You get to replace your braces with a retainer and start showing off your great new smile.

Easy Access To Information

The Patient Zone makes it easy for patients to manage their account. You can do everything from downloading important forms to making payments online. That reduces the amount of time you have to spend waiting around during your office visit.

Call our Crofton office at (443) 603-3448 and schedule an appointment today.

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