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Frequently asked questions about urgent care centers

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You are making dinner, and you accidentally cut your hand slicing onions it is bleeding and needs some stitches. Most people will call their primary care doctor, and when he is not available, they will immediately go to an emergency room. You will wait for hours in the ER before they are attended because they have a minor injury. Instead of waiting for hours, you could have visited a Monroe urgent care center. However, most people know very little about urgent care.

What is an urgent care center?

An urgent care center is meant to treat patients with non-life threatening injuries or illnesses but who need attention quickly. No appointment is needed to visit an urgent care center.

What is the difference between an emergency and an urgent medical condition?

It is difficult to know whether to treat your condition as an emergency or as an urgent medical condition. An emergency is a condition that cat permanently endangers or impair a person’s life. Emergency conditions include;

  • Gunshot wounds or deep knife stabbing
    • Heavy and uncontrollable bleeding
    • Poisoning
    • Problems relating to pregnancy
    • Seizures and loss of consciousness
    • Stroke or heart attack symptoms
    Severe neck, back or head injury
    Urgent care conditions, on the other hand, are medical conditions that are not emergencies but require care within 24 hours. They include;
  • Minor broken bones such as fracture in the toe
    • Breathing difficulties caused by asthma
    • Cuts that require stitches but are not bleeding too much
    • Diagnostic services among others

What should you carry when visiting an urgent care center?

You might be in a hurry when walking into a Monroe urgent care center, but to expedite your treatment carry the following items;

  • If you have insurance ensure you carry your insurance card
    • Driver’s license or a photo ID
    • A list of all medications you are taking
    • A list of all your past surgeries
    • A list of any medical condition you might be suffering from
    • A list of the things you are allergic to

Are there conditions urgent care can’t handle?

If you visit an urgent care center with an emergency, they will stabilize you, but you will still need to go to a hospital because hospitals have more resources and specialists to treat severe conditions. Urgent care centers are fitted with X-ray equipment that comes in handy when patients come in with sprains and fractures.

Urgent care centers are usually open 24/7 and patients have a shorter waiting time making them convenient. The next time you have an accident, consider heading to a Monroe urgent care center. However, if you are not sure whether to visit an emergency room or an urgent care center call 911.

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