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Donate your old car to charity for social welfare

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If you are among those people who have more luxury and wealth that is required to live your life, then technically there are many ways using which you can make your contribution towards the welfare of the people. There are many people in this world who needour support and help to make their lives less stressful. There are many people who do not have home to live, or money to gain education, or they are also not financially good to diagnose themselves from kidney problems. Kidney is one important part of our body which is important for healthy living. On the other hand, there are many people who do not have sufficient funds with themselves to take care of their help. So, in order to help those people, Kidney Foundation in Canada has come forward to provide them with the help that they need. Kidney foundation Canada is running a charity program in which all kinds of contribution are welcome.

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Donate your car to charity and make your contribution

If you have old car parked in your garage which is very slowly converting into a piece of junk, then it is best to donate your car to these charities and make your contribution towards helping those people who are suffering from various kidney related diseases and disorders. These kidney donations are accepting the car in any condition which they will use for their own charity usage or they simply sell the car to the junk yards and use the money for charity work. Donating your car to the charity work is the best thing that you can do to help the needful persons. Donating your car is very similar to car recycling and is also very beneficial for the environment as well.

How to donate car to charity?

There are many companies which provide you with the services of charity donations. All you need to do is contact those companies and they will take away your car from your place. Car donations comprise of a few easy steps that you need to take.

  • Share the car details: If you have found yourself a car donation company, then you can simply contact them and share your car details with them in order to proceed with the charity work. You can share car brand, car model, year of manufacture, mileage of the car as well as condition of the car. Once you have provided the details, the company will send their executives to meet you and check the paperwork of the car.
  • Car pickup:After checking the papers of the car, and if everything seems fine, they will arrive at your place and will pick up your car all by themselves on their own expenses. They take away the car in any condition. If the car is in running condition, then they will use their car for charity use, if the car is a complete junk, then they will simply sell it and use that money for social welfare. These companies will also provide you with charity tax receipts.

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