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Child custody within the purview of Family Law

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It is often challenging to determine the custody of the children in the event of a divorce as it is one of the most fought over the battle. If the parents do not come to a mutually agreeable point, then the child custody has to be settled by going to the court. The courts take a lot of time to settle such matters and come to a conclusion considering there are so many laws and regulations, also both the parties have to be heard in case of such settlements. These go on for long and are stressful and equally painful as many truths come out during such cases because both the parents fight at the same level to win the case. It is sometimes emotionally draining for parents as well as the children during the amount of time being taken. The family law helps in such matters and ensures that children are taken good care of and have a stable life and home post the divorce getting settled.

Issue related to Child custody

The divorce cases where the level of conflict is just too high take a longer time to get settled and require good attorneys to win the cases. The common issues which arise in custody of a child are:

  1. Visitation rights: What would be the visitation right of the parent who didn’t get the full custody, and this further depends on many factors like the criminal history of a person, whether they are abusive, the location and living standards. At times visitation rights don’t get granted, and it is devastating for both the parent and the child.
  2. Custody of a single parent (Sole Custody): At times one or the other parents turn out to be abusive, not so caring and might not b able to take care of the child financially. In such cases, sole custody is also granted, and the other parent might feel disowned not understanding the underlying facts and might create trouble.
  3. There are cases where the level of conflict is very high and such cases arise even before the divorce proceedings start. Some factors that lead to such cases include negligence, financial instability, abusive nature, ethical differences leading to high-stress levels.

Decision making

At times the child is put first, and his or her interests are the main decision drivers, but we cannot ignore the fact that there is a multitude of factors affecting the custody decision. Getting the custody of the child requires hard work and is an achievement if you get it. One requires having a strong case to have an edge in case of custody, and you can get the desired help easily.

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