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Broome To Cape Leveque: Top Campervan Stops

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For travelers looking for the perfect Australian campervan hire trip, you should definitely consider taking a run from Broome to Cape Leveque. This territory is full of some of the best nature that Australia has to offer, including incredible scenery and an abundance of activities to take part in. The coastline along this drive is incredible and features miles of undeveloped beach that is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and fishing. You also have some amazing hiking trails and rafting opportunities. You can make the drive in a straight shot of only three hours, but it should take you a lot longer since you will no doubt be making a lot of stops and camping out overnight in some amazing scenery.


Once you get outside Broome you will be right in the heart of aboriginal country. The natives in this area are always happy to meet with visitors and share their incredible history and aspects of their country. The aboriginals are an incredible group and their love of their native countryside is inspiring. It is highly recommended that you take the time to stop and speak to them. You may even be taught some of their fishing or hunting techniques. The scenery in this region is unbelievable as well and is the perfect place to begin your journey. The red sandstone is capped by pure white sand dunes, making for one of the most unique natural sights you may ever lay your eyes on. There are many miles of unspoiled coast to explore here, not to mention untouched forests and a vast array of marine and wild life. Kimberley is what the Australian wilderness is all about, so you will most definitely want to stop here on your journey to Leveque.

Beagle Bay

This is an Aboriginal community that has become a favorite of travelers and backpackers for many decades. One of the main attractions here is the famous Bush Church where the altar is constructed from mother-of-pearl shell and the ceiling is made to appear like the night sky. Otherwise Beagle Bay is a scenic territory featuring sweeping ocean views, lush forests, and many activities including fishing and unbelievable hiking trails.

Middle Lagoon

If you’ve packed some fishing gear along in your campervan hire then you will definitely breaking it out in the Lagoon. This is some of the absolute best fishing to be found anywhere in Australia. The lagoon is great for swimming with its clear, shallow water that is known to be incredibly refreshing in the heat of the Australian summer. Also there is beach hiking, shell collecting, reef walking, whale spotting, and bird watching. Some incredibly rare species are found here so bring your binoculars. The Lagoon is a great place to spend multiple nights. This gorgeous region is relaxing and beautiful, leaving visitors with a sense of peace and calm for long after they’ve left.


This is an award-winning wilderness camp where you will feel as if you have gone back in time. Run by the local Bardi Jawi Community, there is a wide range of different accommodations available here that put you in close range of the red pindan cliffs and the local white sand beach where you can watch the gorgeous sunsets over the water. This setting is both rugged and beautiful and offers some great hiking, swimming, and wildlife sighting opportunities. You won’t want to miss Koolijaman on your journey.

One Arm Point

Just a short drive from Koolijaman you will find One Arm Point where you can take a tour of the hatchery. This working aquaculture centre serves as a breeding ground for juvenile trochus shells. There are also a variety of fishing tours in the region, which makes sense since there is great fishing to be had all over this region. You may even be able to see one of the saltwater crocodiles that live in the northern waters. While it isn’t recommended to go out looking for crocs on your own, there are guided nature tours you can take where an expert will show you the sites and let you have a look at the crocodiles from the safety of the tour.

If it’s natural Australian beauty you are looking for on your campervan hire trip, then taking the drive from Broome to Cape Leveque should definitely be one of the first territories on your list. This rugged but beautiful aboriginal territory offers many miles of unspoiled coastline, lush sweeps of forest, and a vast array of wildlife. There are also an incredible range of activities to take part in, including world-class fishing, hiking, rafting, watersports and much more. The sunsets are beautiful, the locals friendly, and the overall vibe laid back and relaxing. This is a journey you should absolutely experience.

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