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5 Most Important Parts of a Forklift  

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All parts of a forklift are important for effective performance, but there are some parts that stand out compared to others. Such parts ensure that the forklift is safe to operate and their malfunctions can lead to serious accidents. Below are five important parts of a forklift.

  1. Tires
    If the tires of your forklift are cracked or overly worn-out, accidents can occur at any moment. Damaged tires will make the forklift unstable, and the possibility of slipping out or skidding is high. In such scenarios, the load you are transporting will be affected thus causing financial loss. Good forklift tires should be able to support a weight load of about 10,000 pounds. If the tires show signs of wear and tear, they should be replaced immediately. Notably, tires are amongst the easily available forklift parts in Chicago.
  2. Warning Indicators
    The horn, lights and turn signals are important aspects of your forklift. These parts play a crucial role in ensuring that you avoid accidents during transportation. If the indicators are not functioning properly, the warehouse on-foot workers and forklift operators may lack the required level of awareness when it comes to avoiding each other and preventing accidents. Before operating the forklift, you should check that all the warning indicators are working to be on the safe side.
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  3. Forks
    The forklift is named after the forks meaning that they are an important part of the machinery. Forks are the two pieces of metal bars located near the front wheels and extend outwards to help in lifting and carrying loads. If the forks are faulty or damaged, there can be catastrophic consequences especially if you are handling heavy loads. Damaged forklift not only affects the ability of the forklift to carry loads but also puts the security of the operator and the people around at risk. Unstable loads can fall on fellow workers causing injuries and obstructions. 
  4. Cockpit Controls
    The Cockpit controls will allow you to operate the forklift, divert from dangerous situations, and to put the forklift out of harm’s way. If these controls are not functioning properly, the operator will not be able to avoid accidents leading to serious legal and financial consequences. To ensure that the people at the worksite are safe, ensure that the Cockpit Controls are working efficiently.
  5. The Driver
    Even though the driver is not a mechanical or electrical part, he is the most important part of the forklift. Preferably, it is better to have a good driver operating an average forklift than an average driver operating a good forklift. Predominantly, most forklift accidents are as a result of operator error hence you should learn how to operate the machine well and familiarize yourself will all forklift parts.
    Undoubtedly, a forklift has numerous parts, but the ones mentioned above are considered to be the most important. You can get forklift parts in Chicago by visiting Atlas Parts Company. Our experienced personnel will also help in fixing the desired parts. Visit us now for the best experience!

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