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2018 BMW X5 – What’s New

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The X5 is BMW’s midsize luxury crossover SUV they’ve been producing since 1999. It’s currently in its third generation of production, which began in 2013. It has the same chassis with the same wheelbase of previous generations. When it was first introduced, it was BMW’s first SUV and it also had all-wheel drive. Since the beginning, BMW has branded the X5 as a SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle), to emphasize its on-road capability and drivability despite its large size.

As with the 2017 BMW X5, the newest 2018 model is offered with a range of powerful engines, has smooth handling and spacious front seats, giving the driver and passenger plenty of room to enjoy the quiet, stable ride. What follows is an overview of what’s changed for the 2018 BMW X5.

New Automatic Transmission

First, the X5 has a new automatic transmission for 2018. All versions of the X5 will have newer transmissions, and BMW insists they’ll offer greater performance and quicker shifts between gears. The previous Steptronic transmission is replaced with a Sport automatic transmission on all models, except for the X5 M and xDrive40e models.

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Cosmetic Additions

Customers concerned about looks and with an eye for detail will be happy to know that the tailpipes of all six-cylinder models of the X5 were redesigned for a new look, as they take on a more trapezoidal shape now. In addition, customers who choose the xDrive35i, xDrive35d and xDrive50i can choose versions equipped with new 21-inch sport-styled wheels with performance tires for optimal speed production.

Backup Camera

One of the more useful vehicle advancements for technology and safety is the rear backup camera, as it provides the driver with a clear picture of exactly what is behind them when they’re reversing. For 2018, BMW finally makes the rear camera standard equipment for all models of the X5.

ConnectedDrive Services Becomes Standard

BMW’s infotainment system, called ConnectedDrive Services, is now standard on all models of the X5. This system is embedded with a 3G SIM card, allowing BMW to offer a suite of services, including real-time traffic information, concierge services and a range of applications, notably news and weather. The concierge service connects to a dedicated call center, or personal assistant, that can help you find restaurants local to where you are, flight times, or hotels, and will even book the room for you. It also lets you integrate your smartphone apps with the car, so you can easily access everything on your device right in your 2018 BMW X5.

It’s clear BMW has made some exciting changes for the 2018 model year, and customers will be able to shop for the new model sometime this fall.

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